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Command Reference R-S
Commands and Keywords
RADIOBUTTONadds a radiobutton to a window
RANDOMpurpose parameter in file open statement  
RANDOMIZEseed the random number generator
READreads information from DATA statements
REDIMredimensions an array and resets its contents
"redraw"graphics command to redraw segment
"refresh"redraw a window
REMadds a remark to a program
"removesprite"remove a sprite
"resizehandler"set up a routine to handle window resize by user
RESTOREsets the position of the next DATA statement to read
RETURNreturn from a subroutine call
RIGHT$( s$, n )n rightmost characters of s$
RMDIR( )remove a  subdirectory
RND( n )returns a random number
"rule"graphics command to set drawing rule
RUN s$, moderun external program s$, with optional mode
SCANchecks for and dispatches user actions
SEEK #h, fposset the position in a file opened for binary access
"segment"graphics command to return segment ID
SELECT CASEperforms conditional actions
"!select"text command to place caret
"!selectall"text command to highlight all text
"!selection?"text command to return highlighted text
"set"graphics command to draw a point
"setfocus"set input focus to control or window
SHORTdata type for calldll and structs
SHOWmake a control visible
SIN( n )sine of n
"size"graphics command to set pen size
SORTsorts single and double dim'd arrays
SPACE$( n )returns a string of n spaces
Spritesall about using sprites in Liberty BASIC
"spritecollides"sprite command to discover collisions
"spriteimage"sprite command to set sprite image
"spritemovexy"sprite command to auto-move sprite
"spriteoffset"sprite command to offset x,y location of sprite
"spriteorient"sprite command to orient sprite
"spriteround"sprite command to change method of collision detection
"spritescale"sprite command to set sprite's scale
"spritetoback"sprite command to put sprite at bottom of z order
"spritetofront"sprite command to put sprite at top of z order
"spritetravelxy"sprite command to move sprite to desired position
"spritevisible"sprite command to set visibility of sprite
"spritexy"sprite command to set location of sprite
"spritexy?"sprite command to return location of sprite
SQR(n)details about getting the square root of a number
STATICTEXTadd a statictext control to a window
STOPmarks end of program execution
STOPMIDIstops a MIDI file from playing
STR$( n )returns string equivalent of n
"stringwidth?"graphics command to return width of text string
STRUCTbuilds a structure used in calling of APIs and DLL functions
STYLEBITSadd or remove style bits from a control
SUBdefines a subroutine
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