Submission Guidelines

How to Submit Articles

The names and email addresses of the publishers are listed at the bottom of the front page of each issue. Send your submissions to any of them.

What to Submit

You can submit any information that is of interest to Liberty BASIC programmers. This includes, but is not limited to:

Which Format is Best?

The best format for submissions is in plain text. This makes it easy for the publishers to copy and paste the article into the newsletter and do any formatting modifications that are needed to create the HTML version. The newsletter is written in WikiWriter, so WikiWriter db files are also acceptable. If the article contains code, enclose it in (pre /pre) brackets and the formatting of the code will remain unchanged.

    for i = 1 to 10
        print i

What About Pictures and other Files?

If code, data or other auxiliary files are needed to accompany the article, send them as well. The newsletter has grown considerably and we now must ask contributors to try to limit file sizes as much as possible. Some of our readers have slow dialup connections and we need to keep the total size of the newsletter archive reasonable for these nice people.

If your article includes illustrations, include them as JPG or GIF files. Make a note of the location in the text file in some way, perhaps like this:

    figure1.jpg goes here  

Pictures are terrific aids, so use them where needed. Because of the need to keep the filesize reasonable, try to limit the number and size of these as much as possible.

Size Limitations?

If you find that your submission is more than 100 KB when zipped, see if there is some way to reduce the file size without compromising the integrity.