The Liberty Basic Newsletter - Issue #99 - AUG 2002


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"Don't be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated.
You can't cross a chasm in two small steps." - David Lloyd George

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Tipcorner: Window Placement Techniques
Spotlight: Listview Report by Brent Thorn
Article: Enhancing Liberty Basic [Array Handling]
Article: The Road to Release
Demo: Formatted ListBox

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Liberty Basic is always getting better. If you have not heard yet, there is a new 3.02 beta in testing right now.It not only fixes some bugs, but offers new commands and functionality. It is exciting to see the language grow, and I know that Carl is thinking about the next major release and what will be included in it. New stuff all the time - isn't it great? Carl is committed to making this the best all purpose BASIC language for hobbyists and professional programmers alike. We are very fortunate.

I own other languages, some of which I have paid a handsome sum of change for, only to find out that they have decided not to support their product further. For a minimum investment Carl offers programmers and would be programmers the chance to express their creativity in many ways with a fantastic ever evolving language. Our hats are off to you Carl. Keep the great things coming.

Let me also apologize for the size of this month's newsletter. So much great stuff, and the article I wanted to write originally for this month's newsletter never even made copy. Oh - you will probably see it in October.

Thank you - Brad Moore (August 2002 Editor)



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Window Placement Techniques
Listview Report by Brent Thorn
Enhancing Liberty Basic [Array Handling]
The Road to Release
Formatted ListBox