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2002 Liberty BASIC Challenge

Win a registration for Liberty BASIC 3! Have YOUR program featured on the official Liberty BASIC homepage!

Contest Website:


Starting Date:  February 16, 2002
Ending Date:    March 31,    2002
Polls Open:     April 1,     2002
Polls Close:    May 1,       2002


This contest will last for six weeks.

There are four categories:

  1. Newbie - pick from two challenges
  2. Oldbie - pick from two challenges
  3. Game - sprite arcade game pick from two challenges
  4. Open - anything goes!

Contestants must follow the rules provided for the category they wish to enter. All code must be submitted in the form of source code. Include TKNs also so that unregistered users may try the program.

Entries must be uploaded to the files area of lbnews in the folder called 2002 Liberty BASIC Challenge. The files area will be closed on April 1, so all entries must be uploaded by March 31:


At the top of the code, include your name, your email address, and the category for the program entry. Also include the version of Liberty BASIC needed to run the program.

Polls will open on April 1, and remain open until May 1. During that time, vote here:



Each participant will receive his choice of a registration of LB Workshop or Game Workshop. Write to Alyce Watson after you have uploaded your entry and specify whether you would like a registration to LB Workshop or Game Workshop.

Winning programs will be featured on the official Liberty BASIC website, and the authors will receive a FREE registration for Liberty BASIC 3!

See the complete contest guidelines in the files area of our lbnews website, in the "2002 Liberty BASIC Challenge" folder:



The Liberty BASIC Newsletter encourages all LB programmers to submit articles for publication. Everyone has something valuable to say, from beginners to veteran LBers. Consider sharing a code routine, with explanation. Perhaps you can review a favorite LB website, or program, or coding tool? Why not submit a list of questions that have been nagging at you? How about sharing your favorite algorithm?

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