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With the publication of this issue, the [lbnews] Yahoo Group is returning to its original format, as a forum for distribution and discussion of The Liberty BASIC Newsletter. Feel free to post comments, corrections, suggestions and questions about the newsletter here.

For a general discussion forum, be sure to check out the official Liberty BASIC Yahoo Group:


For discussion of the beta test version of LB3:


For discussion of the more complex aspects of LB programming:


The FILES area now contains archives of all past newsletters for download.

The Liberty BASIC Newsletter is always looking for submissions and articles to publish. Send them to Articles submitted within one week of the publication date may be held over for inclusion in the next months's newsletter.

You don't need to be an expert to contribute an article! Articles can be about anything that would be of interest to Liberty BASIC programmers, including, but not limited to:


The Liberty BASIC Newsletter encourages all LB programmers to submit articles for publication. Everyone has something valuable to say, from beginners to veteran LBers. Consider sharing a code routine, with explanation. Perhaps you can review a favorite LB website, or program, or coding tool? Why not submit a list of questions that have been nagging at you? How about sharing your favorite algorithm?

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