The Liberty Basic Newsletter - Issue #105 - FEB 2003

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"If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent." --Sir Isaac Newton

In this issue:

Drawn Objects - A Beginning Graphics Tutorial

Documenting Your Code the Easy Way!

Tipcorner - Maximizing the Usefulness of the Liberty BASIC Helpfile

Bmpbutton Manipulations

Roll Your Own Prompt by Brad Moore

An Alternative Way to Hide and Show Controls, by Mike Bradbury

Tips by Dennis McKinney

Minimize CPU Usage

API Color Dialog

Demos by Bill Jennings

Virtual Tabs

Hot Keys and Mouse Clicks

A User's Review of TheWrap by David Drake

Using BASIC for Numerical Integration by Tom Nally

LibSQL v1.4 - SQLite Database for LB by Richard Peeters

Help! (... is on the way!) by Jerry Muelver

Notes from the Editor

Thanks so much to Mike Bradbury for his great explanation and demo of hiding and showing controls in a window!

Thanks Dennis McKinney, for the information and demo on minimizing CPU usage in a scan loop. Great tip! And thanks also for the API color dialog code and explanation.

Thanks to Brad Moore for the article and code on creating a custom dialog to replace the LB prompt command, adding functionality and flexibility. This snippet will go into everyone's snippet library!

Bill Jennings has shared a demo that allows non-fixed width fonts to appear to be tabbed. Thanks, Bill! He also gives us a demo of hot keys and mouse clicks - a clever idea!

David Drake has given us both a comprehensive review of Joe Block's great app, TheWrap, and a humorous story. Thanks, David!

Tom Nally has done it again! Here is another of his clear and detailed articles on using math in our programs. This one describes numerical integration and tells us how to use it in our code. Well done, Tom! In honor of Tom's article on calculus, our featured quote is from Sir Isaac Newton, the "Father of Calculus."

Richard Peeters has taken the SQLite database functions shared by Colin McMurchie and written an explanatory article and included a demonstration program. People have been asking for database abilities for a long time, and this method fills that need admirably. Thanks, Richard, for the wonderful demo and explanation!

Jerry Muelver has provided a blueprint for documentation writing that is both concise and clear. Thank you, Jerry!

Please feel free to comment on the format of this issue. It is being published in two formats. It is going out as plain text, as always. It is also going out in html format. This allows each article to appear on its own page, making for more clarity, easier navigation, and less scrolling. The HTML version was created with WikiWriter, by Jerry Muelver of HyText Consulting. Jerry is a registered user of Liberty BASIC and a contributing member of our community. Visit his site at []


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Drawn Objects

Documenting Code

Tipcorner - Helpfile


Prompt by Brad Moore

Locate Controls

Tips by Dennis McKinney

Demos by Bill Jennings

Review of TheWrap

Integration by Tom Nally

SQLite by Richard Peeters

Help Writing by Jerry Muelver