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"The truth always turns out to be simpler than you thought." --Richard Feynman, physicist, educator

In this issue:

Use of Color in Graphics

Bitmap Graphics Tutorial

Bitmap Color Formats


Text Input Boxes - Text and Background Colour by Ray Fisher

An Easy Calendar Control

Shareware Marketing - by Eldron Gill


Newsletter help


Notes from the Editor

Wow, this is Issue #100 of the Liberty BASIC Newsletter! It has grown and changed since its inception in April, 1999, when it was a simple 10KB text mailing. Thanks to the great community who makes it possible!

Special thanks to Eldron Gill for his incredibly informative article about shareware marketing!

Thanks also to Brent Thorn for yet another great demo. This one provides a really cool calendar tool for Liberty BASIC users!

Thanks Ray Fisher for a great article on creating custom colored text controls!

Thanks Bill Jennings, for the clever line-wrap routine!

Thanks David Connor, for adding to the scripting language from issue #98!

It is easy to help out with The Liberty BASIC Newsletter. See the "Submissions" topic at the bottom of each newsletter. We accept demo code, which will generally be described briefly in the body of the newsletter, with the BAS file included as an att

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Alyce Watson


The Liberty BASIC Newsletter encourages all LB programmers to submit articles for publication. Everyone has something valuable to say, from beginners to veteran LBers. Consider sharing a code routine, with explanation. Perhaps you can review a favorite LB website, or program, or coding tool? Why not submit a list of questions that have been nagging at you? How about sharing your favorite algorithm?

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Use of Color in Graphics

Bitmap Graphics Tutorial

Bitmap Color Formats

Bmp Dimensions


Text Input Boxes

An Easy Calendar Control

Shareware Marketing

Date/Time Picker

Text Line-Wrap

Combining Commands

Newsletter help