Bookc.gif Liberty BASIC 4 Help
    btopic.gif Contents
    btopic.gif What's New!
    btopic.gif Glossary
    Bookc.gif Liberty BASIC Help
       btopic.gif Overview
       btopic.gif Installing and Uninstalling
       btopic.gif Registering Liberty BASIC
       btopic.gif The Liberty BASIC Editor
       btopic.gif Editor Preferences
       btopic.gif The Liberty BASIC INI file
       btopic.gif Writing Programs
       btopic.gif FreeForm
       btopic.gif Using the Debugger
       btopic.gif Lite Debug
       btopic.gif Compiler Reporting
       btopic.gif Creating a Tokenized File
       btopic.gif Using the Runtime Engine
       btopic.gif Icon Editor
       btopic.gif Lesson Browser
       btopic.gif Using a Different Code Editor
       btopic.gif Using Inkey$
       btopic.gif Using Virtual Key Constants with Inkey$
       btopic.gif Error Messages
       btopic.gif Error Log Explained
       btopic.gif Port I/O
       btopic.gif Making API and DLL Calls
       btopic.gif TroubleShooting
    Bookc.gif Language Syntax and Usage
       btopic.gif Liberty BASIC Language
       Bookc.gif Logic and Structure
          btopic.gif Logical Line Extension
          btopic.gif The NOMAINWIN command
          btopic.gif Functions and Subroutines
          btopic.gif Branch Labels, GOTO and GOSUB
          btopic.gif Conditional Statements
          btopic.gif Select Case
          btopic.gif Bitwise Operations
          btopic.gif Boolean Evaluations
          btopic.gif Looping Structures
          btopic.gif Recursion
          btopic.gif The Timer Statement
          btopic.gif Callbacks for API Functions
       Bookc.gif Arrays, Variables and DATA
          btopic.gif Variables
          btopic.gif Arrays
          btopic.gif Sorting Arrays
          btopic.gif Arrays with More than Two Dimensions
          btopic.gif READ and DATA
       Bookc.gif File Operations
          btopic.gif File Operations
          btopic.gif Sequential Files
          btopic.gif Binary Files
          btopic.gif Random Access Files
          btopic.gif Testing for File Existence
          btopic.gif Path and Filename
       Bookc.gif Mathematics
          btopic.gif Mathematics
          btopic.gif Numeric Variables
          btopic.gif Mathematical Operations
          btopic.gif Trigonometry
          btopic.gif Numbers and Strings
          btopic.gif Date and Time Functions
       Bookc.gif Text Usage
          btopic.gif Text and Characters
          btopic.gif String Literals and Variables
          btopic.gif Manipulating Characters
          btopic.gif Text Mode Display
          btopic.gif Text Commands
       Bookc.gif Graphics
          btopic.gif Graphics
          btopic.gif Reading Mouse Events and Keystrokes
          btopic.gif Graphics Commands
       Bookc.gif Sprites
          btopic.gif Sprite Table of Contents
          btopic.gif Sprite Commands
          btopic.gif What is a Sprite?
          btopic.gif How Do Sprites Work?
          btopic.gif Start with the Background
          btopic.gif Designate Sprites
          btopic.gif Sprite Properties
          btopic.gif Drawing and Collision Detection
          btopic.gif Flushing Sprite Graphics
          btopic.gif Pauses and Timing
          btopic.gif Add a Mask
          btopic.gif Step by Step
          btopic.gif Simple Demo Program
          btopic.gif Lander.bas
       Bookc.gif API and DLL Calls
          btopic.gif Calling APIs and DLLs
          btopic.gif Informational Resources About APIs/DLLs
          btopic.gif What are APIs/DLLs?
          btopic.gif How to Make API/DLL calls
          btopic.gif Example CallDLL Programs
          btopic.gif Using hexadecimal values
          btopic.gif Using TYPES with STRUCT and CALLDLL
          btopic.gif Passing Strings into API Calls
          btopic.gif Caveats
    Bookc.gif GUI Programming
       btopic.gif Graphical User Interface
       btopic.gif Sending Commands
       btopic.gif A Simple Example
       btopic.gif Handle Variables
       btopic.gif Understanding Syntax
       btopic.gif Size and Placement of Windows
       btopic.gif Window Types
       btopic.gif Controls - Menus, Buttons, Etc.
       btopic.gif Controls and Events
       btopic.gif Window and Dialog Commands
       btopic.gif Trapping the Close Event
       btopic.gif Colors and the Graphical User Interface
       btopic.gif How to Specify Fonts
       btopic.gif Buit-in Dialogs
       btopic.gif Sounds
       btopic.gif Mouse, Keyboard and Joystick
    Bookc.gif Command Reference
       btopic.gif Command Reference A-C
       btopic.gif Command Reference D-F
       btopic.gif Command Reference G-K
       btopic.gif Command Reference L-M
       btopic.gif Command Reference N-P
       btopic.gif Command Reference R-S
       btopic.gif Command Reference T-Z
       btopic.gif Additional Commands
       btopic.gif Reserved Words
    Bookc.gif Keywords in Alphabetical Order
       btopic.gif ABS( n )
       btopic.gif ACS( n )
       btopic.gif ASC( s$ )
       btopic.gif ASN( n )
       btopic.gif ATN( n )
       btopic.gif BEEP
       btopic.gif BMPBUTTON
       btopic.gif BMPSAVE
       btopic.gif BUTTON
       btopic.gif BYREF
       btopic.gif CALL
       btopic.gif CALLBACK
       btopic.gif CALLDLL
       btopic.gif CHECKBOX
       btopic.gif CHR$( n )
       btopic.gif CLOSE #h
       btopic.gif CLS
       btopic.gif COLORDIALOG
       btopic.gif COMBOBOX
       btopic.gif CommandLine$
       btopic.gif CONFIRM
       btopic.gif COS( n )
       btopic.gif CURSOR
       btopic.gif DATA
       btopic.gif DATE$( )
       btopic.gif DECHEX$( )
       btopic.gif DefaultDir$
       btopic.gif DIM array( )
       btopic.gif DisplayWidth
       btopic.gif DisplayHeight
       btopic.gif DO LOOP
       btopic.gif Drives$
       btopic.gif DUMP
       btopic.gif EOF( #h )
       btopic.gif END
       btopic.gif EXP( n )
       btopic.gif EVAL( code$ )
       btopic.gif EVAL$( code$ )
       btopic.gif FIELD #h, list...
       btopic.gif FILEDIALOG
       btopic.gif FILES
       btopic.gif FONTDIALOG
       btopic.gif FOR...NEXT
       btopic.gif FUNCTION
       btopic.gif GET #h, n
       btopic.gif GETTRIM #h, n
       btopic.gif GOSUB label
       btopic.gif GLOBAL
       btopic.gif GOTO label
       btopic.gif GRAPHICBOX
       btopic.gif GROUPBOX
       btopic.gif HBMP( \"name\" )
       btopic.gif HEXDEC( \"value\" )
       btopic.gif HWND( #handle)
       btopic.gif IF THEN
       btopic.gif Inkey$
       btopic.gif INP(port)
       btopic.gif INPUT
       btopic.gif INPUT$( #h, n )
       btopic.gif INPUTTO$(#h, c$)
       btopic.gif INSTR(a$,b$,n)
       btopic.gif INT( n )
       btopic.gif KILL s$
       btopic.gif LEFT$( s$, n )
       btopic.gif LEN( s$ )
       btopic.gif LET
       btopic.gif LINE INPUT
       btopic.gif LISTBOX
       btopic.gif LOADBMP
       btopic.gif LOCATE
       btopic.gif LOF( #h )
       btopic.gif LOC( #h )
       btopic.gif LOG( n )
       btopic.gif LOWER$( s$ )
       btopic.gif LPRINT
       btopic.gif MAINWIN
       btopic.gif MAX( )
       btopic.gif MAPHANDLE
       btopic.gif MENU
       btopic.gif MID$( )
       btopic.gif MIDIPOS( )
       btopic.gif MIN( )
       btopic.gif MKDIR( )
       btopic.gif NAME a$ AS b$
       btopic.gif NOMAINWIN
       btopic.gif NOTICE
       btopic.gif ON ERROR
       btopic.gif ONCOMERROR
       btopic.gif OPEN
       btopic.gif OPEN \"COMn:...\"
       btopic.gif OUT port, byte
       btopic.gif Platform$
       btopic.gif PLAYMIDI
       btopic.gif PLAYWAVE
       btopic.gif POPUPMENU
       btopic.gif PRINT
       btopic.gif PRINTERDIALOG
       btopic.gif PrinterFont$
       btopic.gif PROMPT
       btopic.gif PUT #h, n
       btopic.gif RADIOBUTTON
       btopic.gif RANDOMIZE
       btopic.gif READ
       btopic.gif READJOYSTICK
       btopic.gif REDIM
       btopic.gif REM
       btopic.gif REFRESH
       btopic.gif RESIZEHANDLER
       btopic.gif RESTORE
       btopic.gif RESUME
       btopic.gif RETURN
       btopic.gif RIGHT$( s$, n )
       btopic.gif RMDIR( )
       btopic.gif RND( n )
       btopic.gif RUN s$, mode
       btopic.gif SCAN
       btopic.gif SEEK
       btopic.gif SELECT CASE
       btopic.gif SIN( n )
       btopic.gif SORT
       btopic.gif SPACE$( n )
       btopic.gif SQR(n)
       btopic.gif STATICTEXT
       btopic.gif STOP
       btopic.gif STOPMIDI
       btopic.gif STR$( n )
       btopic.gif STRUCT
       btopic.gif STYLEBITS
       btopic.gif SUB
       btopic.gif TAB( n )
       btopic.gif TAN( n )
       btopic.gif TEXTBOX
       btopic.gif TEXTEDITOR
       btopic.gif TIME$( )
       btopic.gif TIMER
       btopic.gif TITLEBAR
       btopic.gif TRACE n
       btopic.gif TRIM$( s$ )
       btopic.gif TXCOUNT(#handle)
       btopic.gif UNLOADBMP
       btopic.gif UPPER$( s$ )
       btopic.gif USING( )
       btopic.gif UpperLeftX
       btopic.gif UpperLeftY
       btopic.gif VAL( s$ )
       btopic.gif Version$
       btopic.gif WAIT
       btopic.gif WHILE...WEND

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