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Low memory situtations
Most computers today have enough memory to run Liberty BASIC.  If you find that you are getting low memory errors, try the following:
- Close other running Windows and DOS applications.
- Reduce the size of your Smartdrive disk cache or eliminate it.
- Increase the size of your Windows swapfile.
General Protection Faults
Most general protection faults in Liberty BASIC are caused by:
- Video drivers.  A major problem with environments like Windows and OS/2, video drivers are often immature and/or incompletely implemented according to spec.  Try to get the most recent version of the Windows drivers for your video card.  If it isn't a showstopper for you, try the standard 16 color drivers that come with Windows.
- Low memory (see above).  If you are getting a general protection fault in VSTUB.EXE, you need either a bigger swapfile, more physical RAM, or both.

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