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Creating a tokenized file
Creating a *.tkn file from a *.bas source file, makes a file that:
- starts up much faster (very important for large files)
- can be distributed royalty-free using Liberty BASIC's runtime engine (gold license only)
- can be added to the Liberty BASIC's Run menu as an external program (and run instantly by selecting it from that menu).
How to Tokenize a Source Code File
You can create a *.tkn file from one of the sample programs.  Reopen the drawing program used in The Liberty BASIC Editor section of this document.
Image bm42.GIF
Now pull down the "Run" menu and select "Make *.TKN File", for instance:
Image bm43.GIF
When the file is ready, Liberty BASIC will prompt you to enter a filename in place of the default (draw1.tkn in this case):
Image bm44.GIF
Once the file has been saved to disk, you run the .TKN file from within Liberty BASIC.  Pull down the "Run" menu and select "Run *.TKN File" as shown:
Image bm45.GIF
A file dialog will be displayed containing a list of .TKN files.  Select the draw1.tkn file as shown and click on Ok.
Image bm46.GIF
Now the .TKN application will run:
Image bm47.GIF
Programmers who have registered with the Gold License can also run the TKN file with the Runtime Engine.

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