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Port I/O
Distributing your application using INP() and/or OUT to control hardware ports.
Because 32-bit versions of Windows do not have a built-in API for doing hardware I/O, you will need to distribute driver files with your Liberty BASIC application if it requires the use of INP() and OUT.  You can find all runtime files you need to distribute in the ntport subdirectory of your Liberty BASIC v3.0 install.
They are:
  ntport.dll (Application Dynamic Link Library)
  zntport.sys (Windows NT/2000/XP driver)
For Windows 95/98/ME
When you install your application to a Windows 95/98/ME system, you should install ntport.dll to your client's Windows\System directory. You need not distribute the zntport.sys.
For Windows NT/2000/XP
When you install your application to a Windows NT/2000/XP system, you have two choices:
1) If all the users have administrative rights (which is usually the case unless someone in your IT department has not given you administrative rights) you can install ntport.dll and zntport.sys to your client's WinNT\System32 directory. In this case, you need not do any other configuration.
2) If some users don't have administrative rights, you need to create an installation program to install the NTPort Library driver. The installation program should do following steps:
  - Install ntport.dll to WinNT\System32 directory
  - Install zntport.sys to WinNT\System32\drivers directory
  - Import the registry settings from ntport2.reg - this file is in the ntport directory
  - Restart Windows
In this case, you still need administrative rights to run the installation program, but after the reboot, any normal user can use your program.

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