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Overview of Liberty BASIC v 4
Welcome to our Liberty BASIC overview.  In this section we will introduce you to:
Installing and Uninstalling
How to install Liberty BASIC and how to remove it from your system.
Registering Liberty BASIC
Why and how to register this software.
The Liberty BASIC Editor
This is the place where BASIC programs are written and compiled.
Editor Preferences
How to configure the Liberty BASIC editor.
The Liberty BASIC INI file
How editor preferences are stored.
Writing Programs
Getting started!
Creating windows with the visual designer called Freeform.
GUI Programming
Using windows and controls such as buttons, textboxes, etc.
Using the Debugger
How to debug (find errors) in Liberty BASIC programs.
Lite Debug
Run programs normally, and pop up the debugger when there is an error.
Compiler Reporting
The Liberty BASIC Editor looks for potential problems in code.
Creating a Tokenized File
Converting code to a TKN format to be used by the runtime engine.
Using the Runtime Engine
How to create programs for distribution.
Icon Editor
How to create an icon to incorporate into the runtime engine.
Lesson Browser
Using the lesson browser to learn and to teach.
Using a Different Code Editor
Running Liberty BASIC from the command line.
Using Inkey$
Trapping and evaluating keyboard input.
Using Virtual Key Constants with Inkey$
A more advanced method for evaluating keyboard input.
Reserved Word List
A list of keywords, commands, functions and variables used by Liberty BASIC.
Error Messages
Understanding the errors that halt program execution.
Error Log Explained
How to use the error log file.
Port I/O
Controlling hardware ports.
Making API and DLL Calls
Extending the language with Dynamic Link Libraries.
What to do when a program misbehaves.

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