Liberty BASIC Help Online

Command Reference A-C
Commands and Keywords
ABS( n )absolute value of n
ACS( n )arc-cosine of n
"addsprite"sprite command to add a sprite
ANDbitwise, boolean AND operator
APPENDpurpose parameter in file open statement
ASused in calldll and struct, as well as in OPEN statements
ASC( s$ )ascii value of s$
ASN( n )arc-sine of n
ATN( n )arc-tangent of n
"!autoresize"texteditor command to relocate control automatically
"autoresize"graphics command to relocate control automatically
"backcolor"graphics command to set background color
"background"sprite command to set background image
"backgroundxy"sprite command to set background position
BackgroundColor$sets or returns background color for window
BEEPplay the default system wave file
BINARYpurpose parameter in file open statement  
Bitwise Operationsmodify bit patterns in an object  
BMPBUTTONadd a bitmap button to a window
BMPSAVEsave a bitmap to a disk file
BOOLEANevaluates to true or false
"box"graphics command to draw box
"boxfilled"graphics command to draw filled box
BUTTONadd a button to a window
BYREFpasses an argument to a subroutine or function by reference
CALLcall a user defined subroutine
CALLBACKaddress of a callback function
CALLDLLcall an API or DLL function
CASEspecifies a value for select case statement
"centersprite"causes the x, y location of a sprite to be its center
CHECKBOX   add a checkbox to a window
CHR$( n )return character of ascii value n
"circle"graphics command to draw circle
"circlefilled"graphics command to draw filled circle
CLOSE #hclose a file or window with handle #h
CLSclear a program's mainwindow
"cls"graphics command to clear drawing area
"!cls"text command to clear texteditor
"color"graphics command to set pen color
COLORDIALOGactivates the windows common color dialog
COMBOBOXadd a combobox to a window
ComboboxColor$sets or returns combobox color
CommandLine$contains any command line switches used on startup
CONFIRMopens a confirm dialog box
"!contents"text command to replace contents of texteditor
"!contents?"text command returns contents of texteditor
"!copy"text command to copy text to clipboard
COS( n )cosine of n
CURSORchanges the mouse cursor
"!cut"text command to cut text and copy to clipboard