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Several items of interest this month on the Liberty Basic
group (hosted by YahooGroups).

The first comes from John Davidson (
regarding Freeform. He writes on September 25, 2002:

"Hello All, Just a note to let you know that I have uploaded
Freeform3_08-30-2002-C to the files section of the Freeform3
Users Group at

If you can spare the time I would appreciate you testing it.

Please post all comments, questions and (shudder) bug reports
to the Freeform3 Users Group."


The next comes from Walt Decker ( who has
been working on interfacing Liberty Basic with a shareware
DB product called Cheetah. He writes on August 31, 2002:

"Carl G dropped by the ABC Archives forum to thank me for supplying an
interface for the subject dll. You are welcome Carl.

He also asked for the official word concerning these products:
Cheetah2.DLL and LBCheat.DLL. Here is the "Official unofficial" word
concerning them:

As for an official statement about the Cheetah dll data base engine
and LBCheat.dll, there is nothing official at this time. I am
working to supply additional LB example code and in the future
LBCheat.dll may be packaged with the Cheetah engine either for the
same price or a slightly increased price.

At this time, the LBCheat interface is free and can be obtained at

The Cheetah2 database engine can be obtained at

The registered version has a price tag of $89.00 US. A trial version
with a nag message is free.

Walt Decker
ABC Archives Admin"

You may recognize Walt's name from his work with the ABC Archives.
He is often dropping by reminding us of deadlines for getting
Liberty Basic code included into an archive. It is a great way to
get some recognition for Liberty Basic. If you have some code you
wish to have included please email him for details at:


Next is a note from Eldron ( is marketing
a fantastic calendar product that has been created in
Liberty Basic. It is a great place to visit to see what is
possible with Liberty Basic. He writes on September 03, 2002:

" Hi everybody,

I have a minor update to Birthday Keeper if you want it.
It's free! This is a full install program.

What's new?
*added frames to pictures when printed
*added printing of events....left that out the last go around
*added printing progress let you know what's going
on on slow machines
*added heavy border to style 1 printing of calendar for cosmetic purposes
*this one uses api for all printing functions
*couple of minor bug fixes

get it here:

good day,

Eldron offers the calendar as shareware, but has a standing
offer to Liberty Basic community members for free registration.
He says regarding that: "If you don't have registration number,
don't forget it's free for everyone on this list..." You will
have to email him at his email address:


The next note is from Carl Gundel (; It
regards the Liberty Basic group itself. Carl wrote on
September 21, 2002:

"Hi all.

We just hit the file size limit in the Yahoo group and so I need to
adopt a new policy about what sorts of files we accept there. Some
of the files are complete applications including all the Liberty
BASIC runtime files. Others have very large image files.

I have to remove some of these files for this reason. I may decide
to keep some files that are a few hundred K big.

Feel free to share any smaller Liberty BASIC related materials, but
if you have a complete applications, or files with very large
bitmaps, please host them on a separate website and make an
announcement in the group.

If anyone has posted large files, feel free to repost them here if
you are able to make them smaller by omitting the runtime files for



So watch for some changes. I always recommend people keep their own
viable site anyway because you never can be too sure what Yahoo's
next policy change will be. If you are in need of a free web host
think about giving Freewebz a try. The URL is


Paths and File Names
Observed online
Resources for the beginner
Graphics Drawing Rules
beginner's guide to API and DLL
Radiobuttons via API
Working with Comboboxes