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Drives$ is a system variable.  It can be used like any other variable.  Use it in expressions, print it, perform functions on it, etc.  It is special in that it contains the drive letters for all the drives installed in the computer in use.
For example:
    print Drives$
  Will in many cases produce:
    a: b: c:
It can be used to provide a way to select a drive like this:
    'a simple example illustrating the use of the Drives$ variable
    dim letters$(25)
    index = 0
    while word$(Drives$, index + 1) <> ""
        letters$(index) = word$(Drives$, index + 1)
        index = index + 1
    statictext #win, "Double-click to pick a drive:", 10, 10, 200, 20
    listbox #win.list, letters$(, [selectionMade], 10, 35, 100, 150
    open "Scan drive" for dialog as #win
    input r$
    close #win

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